Single Dad Is on Adorable Mission to Style His Daughter’s Hair

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A single father who wants to “do better” for his daughter has launched an Instagram account showcasing his hairstyling skills.

Two years ago, Nate Denton, 42, the co-director of a digital marketing agency in Stoke-on-Trent, England, became a single father to 5-year-old son Dexter and 6-year-old daughter Nevaeh. After tiring of sending his little girl to school each day with a ponytail, he decided to step up his game.

“I’ve never had to handle long hair before, and it was tricky,” Denton tells Yahoo Beauty. “I had to learn everything — what type of brushes and sprays to use, and how to stop Nevaeh from saying ‘ouch’ every time I ran a brush through her hair. It was just alien to me.”

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