A very Productive Day – Super Basic Tutorials Finally Go Up


The Power of Instagram.

Well, where do I start? Firstly today saw me finally getting around to posting some super simple tutorials.  Essentially a video I made with my angel showing all of the things I didn’t know at the start of our journey.  How to brush hair – How to put a bobble ( or elastic ) in properly,  which then makes a – Ponytail – then onto a standard three strand plait.

How to brush hair – How to put a bobble ( or elastic ) in properly,  which then makes a – Ponytail – then on to – How to create a standard three strand plait.   A journey that all of us have been on in our house, yes even Dexter helps from time to time. 🙂

Foolishly I assumed, if at all my videos would only be of interest only to Dad’s, not just single Dad’s, but weekend Dad’s or basically any Dad who wanted to up their game.  Then after some ever so lovely comments on my Instagram account it was pointed out to me that also some Mum’s want to learn more too.  Which is fantastic. I still find it amazing that they would look to me for help as I still wouldn’t consider myself really any good.  I just love the smile I see every morning and hearing the compliments she receives at school from friends, teachers, dinner ladies and sometimes even passers-by.   You can see her beam. It’s priceless. That for me is worth 20 mins my morning any day of the week.

So I have put up three videos.  Two tutorials and the intro Vey did as she is was pretty cute!  🙂  Hoping to get those who are in the position I was in … To a point where they can relax and start to learn some of the simple stuff I did.

If you know any parents that might want to learn the super basics.  Then send them my way!


I know what your thinking.. Cool Chanel name LOL


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